Monday 20/10 - Morning (10:30 - 12:00)

  • Identification of Ancient Greek Papyrus Fragments Using Genetic Sequence Alignment Algorithms, Alex Williams, Hyrum Carroll, John Wallin, James Brusuelas, Lucy Fortson, Anne-Francoise Lamblin and Haoyu Yu.
  • Computational Tools for Uniform Legal Interpretation: a Use Case, Julio Lemos
  • Using Dominance Chains to Detect Annotation Variants in Parsed Corpora, Pablo Faria

Monday 20/10 - Afternoon (14:00 - 15:30)

  • Fun Information Extraction from a Historical Dictionary, Valeria De Paiva, Dário Oliveira, Suemi Higuchi, Alexandre Rademaker and Gerard De Melo.
  • e-Reasoning: between digital humanities and e-science, Juliana Bueno-Soler and Walter Carnielli
  • Debate Session

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